Elie Tahari

Project Type: Boutique

Location: east hampton, NY

Services: Architecture, Engineering

Size: 5,000 SF


Highland Associates in conjunction with Lissoni Associati and Amy Lau
Design, designed the new Elie Tahari flagship boutique in East Hampton, 
NY.  The project is a display of adaptive reuse; restoring the exterior of
the building to its original 1917 exterior and fully renovating the interior.

Given free artistic reign for the interior renovation, the design team
created a glass prism that intersects the two floors, enclosing the
staircase and offering display space for merchandise. The glass prism
extends fully to the roof puncturing it, creating a skylight allowing
natural light to embellish the space.

Two-hundred year old reclaimed oak was used for the flooring throughout. 
Floor-to-ceiling wooden white-shutters were used to conceal second
floor double-hung windows and modulate daylight on the interior.
The exterior of this landmarked building underwent careful restoration. 
It encompassed replacing the upper windows with double-hung versions, 
restoring the cornice and parapet coping, repointing the brickwork with
sand-colored mortar, and removing non-functioning shutters.