KBS+ Global Advertising

Project Type: Commercial

Location: New York, NY

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design

Size: 30,000 SF


Highland Associates was commissioned to renovate the KBS+ offices at
160 Varick Street. This global advertising agency needed a fresh, new
space where employees can feel inspired. The open office plan makes
it easy for people to collaborate and there are numerous areas for
breakout space, informal meeting spaces, and high tech presentation
areas. The most special part of the space is its mushroom columns,
broad expanses of window and high ceiling heights.

The reception area is designed around work areas where clients, employees and guests can mingle, work and engage. The benches and tables create a sort of cafeteria for work and play. The warm woods of the tables and benches juxtaposed against the random pattern of globe fixtures and the high gloss finish of the concrete floor within the industrial context of the building make for an inviting yet dynamic first impression. Break out areas throughout the workstation areas are designated by groupings of eclectic furniture while presentation areas are centered to allow for the most light to filter into those spaces. The main conference area has a divisible wall that can be opened to create another breakout area for client specific events.