Saks Fifth Avenue

Project Type: Department Store

Location: Huntington, NY

Services: Interior Design

Size: 160,000 SF


Highland Associates was engaged by HBC Saks Global Design Team
to collaborate and provide Interior Design services and Construction
Documents for the renovation of their 160,000 square foot store located
in the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, New York. The luxury retailer
caters to a high end clientele base and this renovation was the response
to those expectations.

The lower level renovation included the predominance of the selling
floor and key “back of house” functional areas to support the changes
envisioned for the store. The Men’s Department renovation included
development of a new “central room” concept which houses Men’s
Shoes and Accessories. It is flanked by two rooms, one that services
denim and more casual attire and the other more formal men’s clothing
and collections. The “Men’s 5th Avenue Club” was also renovated which
provides personal shopper amenities.

Featured on the main floor is “10022-Shoes” which is the moniker
taken from the NYC Flagship store zip code dedicated to Ladies Shoes.
The current concept which can be found in all major stores for the brand was implemented in a cruciform room that engages the circular
central escalator well. Across the well, Handbags and Accessories can
be found which houses dedicated handbag vendor spaces as well as the
Saks appointed selling floor.

Proceeding toward the mall entrance along the flanks of the existing
Cosmetics Department, vendor installations which include Prada, Dior,
Chanel, and others can be found. These spaces afford the vendors to
present and promote their full design identities within a controlled Saks
demising envelope.

The upper level is dedicated to all Ladies Apparel was completely
renovated to include the entirety of the selling floor. All four rooms
which radiate from the escalator well were treated with the current
brand elements throughout the spectrum of the businesses. Intimate
Apparel, Dresses and Gowns, Furs, Denim and Collections and the edgy
style of the Contemporary Apparel Department were all brought up to
date and presented with their own distinct portal entry points feeding off
the circular well. The Ladies “Fifth Avenue Club” personal shopper space
was renovated and appointed to treat the shopper with an experience
not matched by other retailers. A lobby/party room was recreated and
serves as the entry point to the club buffering it from the selling floor.