Digital Realty (formerly TelX) Data Center

Project Type: Mission Critical

Location: Clifton, NJ

Services: Engineering, Architecture

Size: 215,000 SF


Highland Associates provided MEP Engineering services for this data center with Corgan as the Architect. The Master Plan reflects Tier 3+ infrastructure, and was updated to identify all spaces and systems to be included in Phase 1 of the project, along with properly allocating space for all future data centers to provide a phased approach to a facility that will house six data halls totaling approximately 100,000 square feet of white space.

The Master Plan includes detailed Data Hall space plans as well as the surrounding equipment corridors and all common areas of the floor. The Master Plan also shows the layout of all data center infrastructure spaces and equipment including Future Utility electrical service, New electrical services from Landlords (2N) 16MW-15kv switchgear, new emergency power generation system and new air cooled chiller plant to provide the chilled water redundancy required.

The building houses a total of six data halls on two floors (2nd and 3rd) with each data hall footprint yielding approximately 15,380 square feet of white space. The data halls contain data processing equipment and associated remote power panels (RPPs) only. All air conditioning units
and power distribution units (PDUs) are located in equipment corridors located outside the data hall.

Infrastructure, which was installed for Phase 1, was sized to support the six data halls and was installed in a manner to facilitate the construction of the future data halls without the need to interrupt the operation of the first data hall. A modular approach was the design intent, for easy deployment of additional UPS modules and generators on an as-needed basis for each phase, connected to properly sized infrastructure switchgear.

Each 15,380-square foot data hall was designed to support an equipment load of up to 3,000 kW evenly distributed over the raised floor area. The average IT load density for the data hall is up to 200 watts per square foot.