Owego Apalachin Central School District Business Administration Building

Project Type: Education K-12

Location: owego, nY

Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design,

Size: 24,000 SF


With the existing school district’s Maintenance Facility devastated by
Tropical Storm Lee, Highland Associates was tasked to design a new
24,000 square foot Maintenance Facility. The new facility was sited
on a different parcel to be above the foodplain.

The building was programmed, and took shape through its conceptual
arrangement of its three main programmatic groups consisting of work
bays, storage, and office. The design separates work groups with the
creative use of demising walls. The plan further promotes connectivity
for a communicative and collaborative environment.

A central wall slices through the entire building separating the clean
storage area from the day to day maintenance work bays. This dramatic
design feature becomes the entrance for the office area and rises
through the building allowing for two offset shed roofs to meet on either
side. The roof design allows for daylight to enter through a continuous
translucent panel, washing the interior with a diffused light.

An outdoor storage area was also provided for the District’s larger
pieces of equipment and is covered by the continuation of same roof
enclosing the building. Highland’s design team worked in coordination
as these roofs were constructed without any penetrations. The result is
an exterior look that is simple, clean, and energy efficient.