Project Type: Financial

Location: Various

Services: Engineering

Size: Varies

Ponte Vedra, FL
UBS acquired the open tenant space adjacent to the existing office to
expand for additional personnel.  Highland Associates is providing MEP
design and consulting services for the office expansion space in the

Cincinnati, OH
The interior space of the existing Cincinnati office is currently being
reprogrammed to increase space efficiency.  The new design includes
expanding the lecture hall, relocating the pantry to a centralized office
location, and converting unused storage space to a new board room.  In
addition, the existing office is undergoing a new make over to upgrade
the existing look of the office.

Birmingham, MI
An existing space which is currently not being utilized within the existing
Birmingham office is being renovated to accommodate a specific UBS
financial team including a new team room and a new conference room.
Marblehead, MA

Upgraded the existing office space including a remodel of the existing
offices, reception, and break room and the addition of a new breakout

Farmington Hills, MI
Remodeled the entire office including a reprogram of the interior spaces
for more efficient utilization.

Wichita, KS
Upgraded the reception area and designed the build out of a new
conference room adjacent to the reception area.  The project scope also
included a remodel of the existing pantry.  In addition, a due diligence
report of the existing HVAC and electrical systems was created and a
corresponding design to address the existing system deficiencies was

Leawood, KS
UBS reclaimed the office space adjacent to the existing office in
Leawood, Kansas.  The reclaimed space has been remodeled to match
the existing office space to provide a consistent look and standard for
the MEP systems.

Fort Meyers, FL
The existing office space was remodeled.  In addition, specific deficiencies
in the HVAC and plumbing systems were identified and corrected.