Cricket Valley Power Plant

Project Type: energy

Location: dover, ny

Services: Engineering

Size: n/a

Slated to be located on a 193-acre property in Dover, NY, Cricket Valley
Energy will be a clean natural gas-fired, 1,100-megawatt combined-cycle
electric generation facility. 

Cricket Valley Energy will supply the power needs of up to one million
homes in the Hudson Valley area. The generation process is cooled with
air, rather than water, which will reduce water use by more than 98%. 
Rooftop rainwater harvesting will not only minimize run off, but also will
supplement the water supply. The existing mature forest landscape will
be a natural sound buffer, benefiting the neighboring communities.

Highland Associates was commissioned to perform architectural, 
mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the Main Turbine Building
and the Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) building enclosures.  
The HRSG unit is custom-engineered and provides the thermodynamic
link between the gas turbines and the steam turbines.

Highland Associates also provided design for the architectural, 
mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and foundation design for the attached
Administration Building.