St. Peter's University Hopsital

Project Type: energy

Location: new brunswick, nJ

Services: Engineering

Size: n/a

St. Peter’s University Hospital, is a non-profit, acute care facility that is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen, NJ.  The Hospital
is a member of the St. Peter’s Healthcare System and is located in New
Brunswick, NJ.  The overall facility consists of the main Hospital with A, 
B, C, D, E, F, G and H wings with 478 beds, the Cares Building, a Medical
Office Building and an onsite parking garage. 

Highland Associates recently completed the design of a Combined Heat
and Power (CHP) plant for the Hospital.  The intent of the CHP plant, 
also known as cogenerator, was to generate both electricity and thermal
energy.  The electricity would be used to offset the use of electricity
purchased from PSE&G and the thermal energy would be used to provide
both steam and hot water.  

The CHP plant was located in the former exterior switchgear yard and
was housed in three prefabricated enclosures.  Two of the enclosures were
located side by side and one enclosure was stacked.  The first enclosure
housed the generator.  The second enclosure housed the electrical
switchgear and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).  The third
enclosure housed the selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

The natural gas generator was rated at 2000KW at 277/480V 3 phase 4
wire and was connected to existing exterior electrical distribution.  The
heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) section of the plant was used
to provide steam to the existing building infrastructure.  The engine
cooling jacket water was used to provide hot water heating to the
existing building infrastructure.

Additional resiliency items were also designed in the project that would
allow the Hospital to function as normal as possible during extended
utility outages, such as ones created by natural disasters, etc.  This
included designing the plan to run in island mode, providing additional
controls for operation during island mode operation, etc.