San Remo Central Park West
Apartment Building

Project Type: energy

Location: New York, NY

Services: Engineering

Size: n/a

Highland Associates has been commissioned to assist HT Lyons in a
Design-Build project for a luxury co-op apartment building on the Upper
West Side of New York City.  Highland provided the mechanical platform
to support four microturbines in their basement boiler room for this
cogeneration upgrade.

This iconic, twin-tower apartment building received a NYSERDA grant
to invest in 65 kilowatt microturbine units with integrated air-water
heat exchanger. This combined heat and power (CHP) was designed to
shed demand and energy use from the electrical grid while providing
domestic hot water to the building’s residents.  

During power outages, the system is switched to stand-by power or
island mode, giving power to boilers, elevators, and charging stations
on the residential floors. The waste heat is used to provide domestic hot
water. Having the luxury of electricity and hot water during major power
outages, like those experienced during Hurricane Sandy, is a welcome
amenity at this exclusive residence.